Create a Support Network When You Move to Canada


When you first move to Canada, or if you are still making plans to immigrate, one challenging factor you may have to find solutions to is how you are going to blending as quickly as possible. Let’s face it moving to a new environment come with a lot of challenges, you need the support of people who have been in the area to understand Do’s and Don’ts.

A support could come from a friend, a group (Religious groups perhaps), your neighbor or basically anyone who can help you get through that phase.

How to build Your Support Network?

Do not be reserved

You are new to an area and you want to take it slow and keep to yourself a bit. There is nothing wrong with that, the problem comes in when you become too reserved and you don’t mingle. Try to first introduce yourself to your new neighbors and attend community events which would help introduce you to the area faster.


Join Professional Organizations

These may be professionals who are in the same career field as you and others in different organizations. You can join some of these organizations to help you find employment faster or even get other connections outside employment.

You Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for public services is the fastest way to learn and gain some working experience that will help you when you go job hunting in Canada. It is also a way of giving back to society and making a difference in your new places. There are many places you can volunteer, including schools, community organizations, churches and places of worship, soup kitchens, and more.

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Learn to Speak the Canadian Way

Canada has two main languages French and English Language. Depending on which province you are moving to, you may need to speak and understand any of the languages. There classes in Canada that can help you polish your communication skill and to help you speak the Canadian way.

Final Note

When you plan to migrate to Canada ensure you have plans in place to help you fit in. You can also start making plans when you enter Canada. So, no matter how you create your friends always be ready to take the initiative.