Find a Home in Canada as an Immigrant


Finding a home in Canada should be the priority for any immigrant. Owning your home can be a bit of an uphill task, however when you find one, you’d come to feel more relaxed and settled in.

By finding a home, you have also invested in yourself. With the constant increase in the cost of homes, you will have an asset you can use to do as you please.

As an immigrant purchasing your own house may require you to have some credit history and with no employment on the table, the home purchase process can become more difficult. There are a couple of steps you could employ to make your home purchase easy and smooth.

You should also bear in mind that the cost of purchasing a home can be influenced by so many factors. For instance, the cost of owning a home in British Columbia will completely differ in price when compared to the cost you’d pay for a home in Nova Scotia.

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How Do You Own a Home in Canada?

There are several steps you could take to own a home in Canada, the following steps will ensure you successfully get your own apartment in no time.

Know your Budget

You know what kind of house you like, what you need to do is to find out how much you need to acquire it and then set your budgets. People who have enough cash could easily buy what they need all at once with no mortgage, only that you will have to deal with the tax that comes with it. The best move is to be in Canada for at least one year and have a 12 months credit history.

Know your Way Around with Home Buying Process

There is a guide provided by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has a guide for newcomers. This will provide you all the help that you need whether is knowing the actual amount that you will need to get started, or the average credit score needed.

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Do a Complete Market Research

You should ordinarily have real estate showing you different specs of houses and then you choose from those lists. The best bet is doing your own research then you can tell how much a home really costs, the type of neighborhood, and the surrounding environment. You should also take into consideration schools, crime rates, and employment opportunities in the area, as these can impact home prices and how much your home’s value will grow with time.

You probably have found what you are looking for in-home, what remains is to negotiate and bid for the houses. Your bidding power should come into action here because many people will be bidding for the same house.

While your choice of a home in Canada can be determined by so many factors such as budget, family size, location, and affordability, you should really factor in all these variables in deciding the kind of home you want to buy in Canada.

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While it may not always be the best decision to buy a house for everyone, some people may be better off renting an apartment to save cost especially if you are new to Canada.

A recent study by showed that the average cost of buying a house in Canada in 2020 is over $500,000.

The average cost of renting a one-bedroom in Toronto, Ontario is about $2300 per month, whereas the same could cost around $1,400 in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s no surprise that some of the most affordable properties can be located in smaller cities in Canada.

If you are looking to rent a house, you may need to know the average rent prices in Canada and compare rent prices across major Canadian cities. provides real rental listings to help you make informed decisions on the best type of house and location to rent.