NYSC increase corpers allowance (New minimum wage)

NYSC increase corpers allowance: Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), has said that the increase of the monthly allowance of corpers is attached to a little activity of the minimum wage.

The NYSC Director General in a meeting with Daily Trust stated, “Wherever I go, the corpers continue asking, ‘This 19k (N19,000), when will it go?’ Yet I continue disclosing to them that it is attached to the minimum wage.”

Talking further, he said: “I can guarantee you that if you scrap NYSC, there is nothing to replace it. Mr. President lately said the NYSC, the military, and the police remain the main institutions that unite the nation.

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“As the present Director of the scheme, I am also a corper, and like everybody, I likewise have accounts of my experience. Aside from the military and the police, which other establishment can unite more than 300,000 youths together and mobilize them to different parts of the nation? It is NYSC.

“We consistently have around 350,000 corpers in the scheme yearly, and they are wherever in spite of the security challenges. At one point when I had a meeting with a media house, I disclosed to them that the majority of the deaths recorded during the service year were not because of insecurity, but road traffic accidents.

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“Most corpers set out on journeys without consent. One of the unfortunate deaths recorded is the Shiite protest where a corper part lost his life. The government doesn’t joke with the welfare and security of corpers

“The president sent a letter of condolence to the family, while the vice president of the nation and the Governor of Kaduna State went to visit the family of the killed corper in Zaria. All we appeal, which is the reason we need the press, is to assist us with educating Nigerians that NYSC is the main scheme that will help in uniting this nation.

“If there was no NYSC, I wonder what this nation would be like by now because basically everybody has a story to tell, including the staffs of NYSC who were once corpers. Now that I have come on board, I have entrusted the staff of the scheme and different scholars that we are forging a book titled: NYSC and National Advancement.

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“I am certain it is going to be well encapsulated so that Nigerians will get to know more. In the area of community service, the projects embarked upon by corps members are of a great memory. The information available to me, when it turns out, Nigerians will wonder and no one will require the rejecting of the scheme.”