Easy Ways You Can Move To Canada Without A Lot Of Money


One of the challenges most people who want to move to Canada face is the cost of moving to Canada. Most people who want to immigrate to Canada cannot afford the easiest ways of going to Canada.

You have to be rich or skilled to be able to easily move to Canada. In some cases you literarily have to buy your permanent residence by creating jobs or investing in a business in Canada to access the BUsiness or Investor Immigration Programs.

Same with the Start-up Visa program, these programs require you to invest lots of money into the Canadian economy to be able to access such immigration opportunities.

The Express Entry Skilled Worker and Skilled Trades program is also another easy method to move to Canada but it is not cheap either.

These Skilled Trade programs only allow a few thousand people into Canada each year. Such programs are open to only a few select professions which requires a lot of education and experience to obtain.

You have to be a PhD holder in certain professions to be able to qualify as a skilled worker, ofcourse it is not cheap to obtain such level of education anywhere in the world.

Finally, another category of profession which may not require visa to enter Canada to work is the Self-Employed. This category covers professions such as Farmers and artists.

But most people that want to move to Canada are not farmers or artists and they are not rich and so may find it very difficult to have their dreams of living in Canada come true.

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But don’t give up yet if you fall into the later category, there may just be some others ways you can still move to Canada without spending a lot of money.

Continue reading to find out other ways you can move to Canada without spending a lot of money.

Some of the ways you can move to Canada without a lot of money include the following;

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Study Permit
  3. International Experience Canada IEC
  4. Spousal Sponsorship
  5. Trade Agreements
  1. Visitor Visa

The easiest and one of the ways you can come to Canada is to visit Canada. You do not need a lot of money to visit Canada.

While you are not allowed to work in Canada with a Visitor Visa, you can make contacts or connections with potential future employers while you are on a Visit to Canada.

You can begin the Work permit process that will bring you back to Canada after you have returned to your country.

  1. Study Permit

While a lot od people or families may not be able to afford coming to Canada to study or sending their child to come to Canada to study, the Study permit remains one of the ways you can come to Canada.

Canadian schools are maong the best in the world and alot of Canadian institutions accept students from anywhere in the world. If you can obtain scholarship or sponsorship, it will really help you come to Canada to study without having to spend a lot of money.

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You can obtain your permanent residence after graduation, all it takes is working in Canada and the commitment to remain in the province.

  1. International Experience Canada IEC

The International Experience Canada IEC popularly known as Working holiday is a program that allows people from select group of countries between 18-35 years old to come to Canada on an open work permit to work every year.

This is classified into 3 groups;

  1. Working Holiday – This group is open to most nationals of the following countries who are between the ages of 18-35 to come and work in Canada provided they meet the requirements to work in Canada.
Australia Denmark Japan Norway Taiwan
Austria Estonia South Korea Poland Ukraine
Belgium France Latvia Slovakia United Kingdom
Chile Germany Lithuania Slovenia
Costa Rica Hong Kong Mexico Spain
Croatia Ireland Netherlands Sweden
Czech Republic Italy New Zealand Switzerland

2. Young Professionals – The Young Professionals IEC program requires you to have a university degree and a job offer before you can be allowed to come to Canada.

3. Co-Op – The Co-Op IEC program requires that you must be a student at a post-secondary institution in your country, in an eligible program before you can be allowed to come to Canada to work.

Your work experience under the working holiday or young professional programs can be used towards obtaining permanent residence, through one of the following programs:

  • The Canadian Experience Class CEC,
  • The federal skilled worker of trades programs – if you qualify,
  • or through the provinces’ skilled worker and semi-skilled worker programs.
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Co-Op experience cannot be used towards CEC.

4. Spousal Sponsorship

Another way you can come to Canada without a lot of money is through Spousal Sponsorship. Marrying a Canadian citizen is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of coming to Canada.

Note: It will be considered a crime or fraud when two people legalize a sham marriage for the gains of permanent residence and citizenship and you may be prosecuted for that.

But if you genuinely love and marry a Canadian citizen, you will be provided with the opportunities of your new status.

That way you can easily move to Canada without having to spend a lot of money to begin your new life. You can check my earlier post on the following;

5. Trade Agreements

Chile Jordan Panama
Colombia Liechtenstein Peru
Costa Rica Korea Switzlerand
Israel Norway Nationals of member countries ofthe European Union,the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) andthe General Agreement on Trades and Services (GATS) plus permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand

If you are a national of any of the above-listed countries and work for a company that has a Canadian operation or has a contract with a Canadian company, you will be able to come to Canada to work without LMIA.

These trade agreements allow people to work in the branch of their company, or subsidiary, affiliate, or parent company in Canada through the intra-company transfer.

So if you work in a company that has a branch, subsidiary, affiliate, or parent company in Canada, you can easily come to Canada to work and you may be able to use your Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or through a Provincial Nominee Program.